Windchime Chihuahua, Specializing in Long Coats

I have a few young adults available

We are committed to breeding Chihuahuas that are true to the standard and we never compromise health or temperament.

  • Long and Smooth Coats available
  • Champion bloodlines - AKC Registered
  • Raised in our lovely home in a smoke free, clean environment
  • We screen yearly for genetic health issues
  • Written health guarantee on contract
  • Lifetime after sale support and lifetime return home policy

The Chihuahua is a wonderful companion dog. They are very loyal and become very attached to their owners. They are graceful, alert and swift-moving. These dogs are extremely small - the smallest breed in the world. Their weight should not exceed 6 pounds according to the breed standard.


Chihuahuas are highly intelligent and should not be underestimated even though small in size. The breed can be of any color and can be solid, marked or splashed. The coat may be long or short.


Smooth coated Chihuahuas need very little grooming due to their short hair. Long coats need occasional brushing but still require minimal grooming. This breed keeps themselves very clean, and even lick their paws to clean their faces like a cat.


They are good with children if the children are gentle, patient and kind. They require little exercise and are good apartment dogs. They enjoy walks but are very sensitive to cold temperatures, please dress your Chihuahua in a sweater or use a blanket when traveling on cold days.




Chihuahua's love to borrow under things, and if you dont give them a blanket, chances are they will den under a pillow or couch. They love to be covered and are content to spend hours sleeping under a warm blanket.


Because we have such a strong loving bond with our adult dogs and get extremely attached to new puppies, we want to be assured our puppies are going to loving homes and therefore we screen all potential new owners and ask that you fill out an application. We also require that all puppies be spayed/neutered at 6 months of age.

After the litter is born, photo updates of the puppies are provided to you so you can watch your puppy's progress during the eight week period he/she needs to be with their mother. Each puppy goes home with a folder that includes:

  • A record of shots and wormings
  • AKC Registration
  • Pedigree
  • Written contract with health/genetic guarantee
  • Information booklet on feeding, housebreaking, grooming, vaccines, all natural flea and tick prevention and much more!


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